Running Shoes Or Sneakers

We got sneakers and running shoes, but are they similar or different? You probably have heard more about sneakers than running shoes, or you know both as same type of shoes, or maybe…you don’t even care. While most people know running shoes and sneakers as being same, don’t really go deep to find out what makes the same.


ls it the look, feel or the design? Perhaps the most profound question should be what makes shoes, running shoes? Or what makes shoes, sneakers? In this article, I am going to help us find out if running shoes and sneakers are the same or different.


And what makes them similar or different. This is very important so that the next time you go to a sports store or going for training kits for you and your family, you will know what kind of shoes to go for. Don’t end up buying good shoes for a wrong purpose!



Their names make the first difference; Running shoes, as its name suggests, are specifically for running function. These running shoes are also used for training purpose. You are doing a jog on your local track, does a trail running through a forest, or even compete in a marathon, these are shoes for you.


For Sneakers, it is a generic name for athletic and all athletic purposes. They are called sneakers because they don’t make a sound while using them on a hard floor surface. So anyone using them can typically sneak behind you without you knowing.




You can easily find the difference between running shoes and Sneakers by comparing their designs. Though much of the making between both shoes is kind of similar, their design has a distinctive difference.


Both shoes are flexible and have rubber soles, but there is a glaring difference in modification between the shoes. Running shoes generally have more cushion in the footbed, this actually where the footrests.


At the instep, they are a bit wider making it more comfortable to run on. They have an extra eyelet at the top opening; this will prevent linear movement during running. Their soles are well raised to impart cushion. The Sneakers have less cushion, their souls are not raised. Their instep is not as wide because they are not made for intensive use as compared to running shoes.

3. Purpose.


Once you know a shoe, you will know and understand its purpose. And once you know the purpose, you will know the difference in types of shoes. Running shoes modified sneakers, the key word here being modified. The modification brings the difference in purpose. Running shoes are used typically for running purposes.


That may include; training, jogging on a track, in a forest or doing a marathon. They can be used in a gym or outdoor for exercise too. It’s important to note these shoes, according to their modification, are designed for running purposes and nothing else.


Buscemi sneakers are generally made for athletic and walking, but not for running purposes. But they are also used as fashion. They are the kind of shoes you wear to the field for a play or exercise then use them later to hang out with your pals. Nowadays, they attract fashion more than sports.


They are worn for general purposes. You can wear them to the boardroom, to have fun or to a field. Running shoes, after doing their work of helping in running, the athlete remove them for other shoes.


But it’s not so for sneakers from Buscemi sale, because they can be worn from morning to evening without causing a stir. Now, before, you go to buy your sport or running shoe, you got the information you need on what type of shoe you will go for.

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